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  • How does your horse boarding service work?
    We currently have open spots for pasture board. Facilities include an automatic waterer, a run-in shelter, and a round pen. Also, availability to ride on our property and store your horse trailer (for an additional fee). ​ We offer pasture boarding for horses and we are intentional about using organic methods for their feed. All animals always graze on pastures in which no pesticides/herbicides are applied. We strive to raise all of our own hay using organic methods, as well. *may have to supplement with hay from other producers (that may not have grown organically) if production yields run low. Please feel free to reach out for more specific questions via our contact page.
  • How far are you from Nashville, TN?
    We are located in between Pleasant View and Springfield and are 25 minutes from Exit 4 in Clarksvile and 30 minutes from downtown Nashville.
  • How can I buy your grass-fed beef?
    Please contact us directly at or call us at 615-924-9830 for specific details.
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